swimming pool maintenance

Residential Swimming Pool Maintenance If you are looking for an ongoing swimming pool maintenance, or simply require help every now and then, we offer some affordable options. Services include: cleaning the pool, testing the water and balancing chemicals ensuring you and your family enjoy healthy clear water. Rental Property Swimming Pool Maintenance Swimming Pools add value to your property, but can be costly money pits if your property is rented out and the tenants don’t take good care of your pool. We work closely with property managers and tenants to ensure your asset remains just that! We provide a handover service that instructs the tenant basic to-do’s and document the handover. Regular pool servicing keeps a close eye on any issues that may arise from faulty Pool equipment or chemical in balance on pool shells.

Strata Swimming Pool Maintenance All our staff are fully qualified in Pool Operations Course for Group 2, 3 & 4 pool Aquatic Facilities. Rest assured that the management of your Aquatic facility is in safe hands be it Apartments, a Hotel, Motel, Caravan site, Mine site, School or, Hospitals, Learn to Swim Pools, Bed and Breakfast Accommodation and more. As approved by the Executive Director of Public Health (Western Australia) for the purposes of the Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities. Contact us for further information

for more information: https://www.indigopoolcare.com.au/maintenance-call-out/