Robotic Cleaners or Suction Cleaners

The biggest advantage in purchasing a robotic cleaner against a suction cleaner is you no longer need a big hose plugged into the skimmer box. Traditionally suction cleaners have been reliant on the suction from the filtration equipment, so if the suction cleaner was blocked with leaves or debris, this would cause a lack of filtration which would lead to no sanitisation and ultimately a green pool if left unchecked. Robotic cleaners allow the skimmer box to operate as it was designed and to actually skim the pool and collects the debris from the pool surface before it hits the bottom. Robotic Cleaners do need maintenance and its important to remove them from the pool and clean the baskets regularly as they are very efficient and soon collect enough debris to fill the basket. Its also very important to not leave them in the pool all the time especially if you have a chemical imbalance, a high PH or high chlorine, this will reduce the life of the parts and they are quite costly to repair. We recommend taking them out and washing through with fresh water regularly to protect your investment and we do this each service.

Robotic Cleaners come in all different sizes and configurations to suit your pool and budget.

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