Regular Pool & Spa Service

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We take the hard work and worry out of pool and spa ownership. Our technicians will attend depending on your regular requirement and ensure that you can swim all year round. We not only ensure that the quality of the water is healthy to swim in, we also check and make sure that the water is not causing damage to your pool and spa surface and equipment.

Please Note: This service is for an integrated Pool and Spa set up. For stand alone Spa’s please see our Standalone Spa page

Our Regular Pool and Spa Service is for customers who require ongoing pool care, be that Weekly, Fortnightly, every Four or Six weeks. If you require a One Off or Casual Pool Service, please visit our Casual Pool Service page.



Whats included?

  1. Chemical Check and Balance – We check the chemistry/balance in your pool to ensure you and your family can enjoy swimming in healthy water this summer and only add the chemicals that you require. According to your system, we check: Chlorine or Copper, Ph, Alkalinity, Stabiliser, Phosphates, Calcium, Total Dissolved Solids, Salinity and Magnesium.
  2. Pool Clean and Vacuum – We thoroughly clean the pool: We brush the tiles, Vaccum any debris from the pool, Scoop any matter from the surface, brush steps and hard to get to areas.
  3. Spa Clean and Vacuum – Brush and vacuum your spa.
  4. Clean the Filters – We clean all the filters on your system to ensure optimum filtration. We empty any inline leaf catcher, empty Skimmer box basket, empty pool pump basket, clean cartridge filters and backwash sand/glass filters, empty Robotic cleaner filters.
  5. Check Equipment – Once your pool and spa has been cleaned and chemical checked, we check that all your pool and spa equipment is working as it should be. We check the pool cleaner and remove any obstructions, clean chemical injection points, clean chemical probes, clean salt cells, check pump prime and flow. If we find any problems we advise you and suggest a solution. Should equipment need repair or replacing we advise the best solution and submit quotes.
  6. Final Check – We leave your pool and spa ready to swim or advise you when the pool will be safe to swim in. Before leaving we ensure timers are set to automatic, all hoses are turned off, filtration equipment set in the correct position and most all gates closed or locked.
  7. Priority Service during busy months – Being on our regular service list, you will receive priority during the busy summer months. If you have a urgent problem, we will attend within 24 hours during weekdays, we only charge $38.50 as a minimum charge to our regular clients.


Whats not included?

The price of chemicals are not included. We can use your chemicals if you have them, or if not we will supply them at a reasonable cost.

Replacement equipment and consumables are not include, we will supply quotes for any work or equipment required.

Emptying and hand cleaning Spa, please visit our stand alone Spa service page for this service.


How much does it cost?

Costs start at $110 for a Spa & Pool Service depending on regularity.  We can send an account that can be paid within 15 days by credit card or bank transfer.

How do I book?

Easy, you can email or even text us (from a mobile) on the links below.



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