Chlorinators and Sanitisers

Water Sanitisers & Chlorinators

Ensuring your pool water is sanitised effectively and efficiently is the number one priority when owning a pool. To maintain healthy clean water a automatic sanitiser is an essential part of your pool equipment.

From basic budget Salt Chlorinators to freshwater systems we can supply and install swimming pool equipment to meet your budget or specific requirements. We work closely with all the major manufacturers and with our extensive experience can advise you which sanitisation system will work with your swimming pool and your personal preference.

There are many different systems you can choose from:

Salt Water Chlorinator – The most common sanitation system which converts the salt in your pool into a Chlorine gas

Chlorine Dosing System – Doses Liquid Chlorine

Mineral Water Hydroxinator – Uses a magnesium and potassium mineral to produce chlorine through a hydroxinator

Freshwater System – Commonly uses copper and silver combined with a oxidiser to sanitise





Budget Salt Chlorinators supplied and installed from $850

Salt Chlorinators with manual acid dosers supplied installed from $1595

Salt Chlorinators with ORP and PH probes to read and automatically adjust chlorine and PH levels supplied and installed from $2400

Liquid Chemical Dosing systems with probe that automatically adjusts chlorine and PH levels supplied and installed from $2600

Mineral Hydroxinator supplied and installed from $2100

Freshwater system supplied and installed from $3990


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