Pool covers in Winter.

One of the most commonly asked questions that we get is: “Should I leave the pool cover on in winter?”

Our recommendation is not to leave it, unless you are going to take the cover off and clean the pool regularly.

Solar Blankets are designed to stop water loss and keep the pool warm in summer. During the winter months, especially if you are not using your pool, they will trap the chemicals. Unless the chemicals are regularly checked this can lead to your pool’s chemistry becoming unbalanced.

Unbalanced chemicals can damage your pool surface and equipment, high chlorine can lead to a high ph that can become a breeding ground for algae. Quite often, we get called out to see clients who have left the cover on for weeks on end in winter and are horrified when they take the cover off, to reveal a green swamp. In our busy lives, it’s very easy to pop the cover on at the beginning of winter and then forget about all it.

If you would really prefer to leave a cover on your pool in winter, we recommend buying and installing a debris cover, these are designed to be left on and are made of a mesh canvas that allows the pool to breathe, avoiding a concentration of chemicals.

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