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Perth’s leading provider of affordable pool care

Indigo Pool Care is an independent, family owned and run business located in Perth, Western Australia. Indigo was established in 2013, when founder Alan Docherty purchased Pana’s Aquatic Pool Service and Tony’s Pool Services, merging them together to create Indigo Pool Care.

Indigo’s team of qualified and experienced pool technicians will keep your pool clean and healthy throughout the year. We can take the stress out of owning a pool, meaning you can spend your time swimming in it and enjoying it, rather than cleaning it!

Say goodbye to the pool shop queues and lugging home heavy, and possibly unnecessary chemicals.

Meet the Indigo Team

Friends and Family
At Indigo Pool Care we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the same level of service, reliability and friendliness we’d hope to receive ourselves. As such, we only employ team members who we know and trust. Friends and family who will honour the Indigo ethos of going above and beyond.

Alan Docherty – Founder and Director
Having started his career in the printing industry, founding and running one of the most successful Print houses in the UK, Alan’s experience is perfectly suited to the pool industry. Print and pools have more in common that you might think! From dealing with pumps, chemicals and water chemistry to presentation and reliability, Alan ensures the business runs smoothly and clients are receiving the highest level of service.

Lee Stevenson – Director
Lee’s working life has been dedicated to the service industry, having originally been trained by British Gas as a residential Gas Plumber. Prior to joining Indigo Pool Care, Lee owned and operated a successful Spa business. Lee and Alan have been friends for over 30 years, hailing from the same hometown in the UK.

Alfie Docherty
Alan’s son, Alfie, has been involved with the business since 2013, when he started helping his Dad during the school holidays. After working part-time for Indigo while juggling two other jobs, working in retail at a surf shop and teaching at Surfing WA, Alfie joined the business fulltime in 2016. He has become an extremely knowledgeable team member, who is stepping up to a more senior role, managing scheduling alongside his servicing rounds.

Nathan Hutchins
Nathan commenced with Indigo in 2019 and has quickly become a popular and competent Pool Technician. Nathan balances part-time work while studying for his degree in Psychology. Nathan and Alfie went to school together and have been mates since Year 7.

Toby Bull
Toby, Alan’s son-in-law, joined the business this year, having been appointed in the Indigo tradition of only employing known and trusted team members. Toby also runs his own Physical Training business and, utilising his qualifications in marketing, coordinates Indigo Pool Care’s marketing and social media, alongside attending to your pool.

Say goodbye to the pool shop queues and breaking your back carrying possibly unnecessary chemicals home.

Leave the work to us

If you are looking for an ongoing pool maintenance service, such as regular weekly, monthly or bi-monthly cleaning visits or simply require help every now and then, we will offer you a great solution at an attractive price. Standard pool clean includes:
  • Vacuuming and cleaning the pool
  • Testing water and balancing chemicals when necessary
  • Brushing the tiling
  • Emptying skimmer and pump baskets
  • Backwashing filters and cleaning cartridges
  • Checking and maintaining your equipment; advising and quoting any additional work required
Whether you are looking for an ongoing pool maintenance service, such as regular monthly/weekly or bi-Monthly cleaning visits or require help every now and then with one off or bi-monthly visits, our team can offer a great solution at an attractive price.

Pump and equipment repairs

Equipment that has broken down or not working to peak capacity can lead to poor performance and problems. To ensure your pool is properly filtered and safe, it’s important to get faults fixed as soon as possible. During our regular service we check the equipment to ensure it is running as it should. If we notice any issues, we will talk to you first to advise the best solution. Your repair will be completed as quickly as possible so you are back in the water in no time.. Indigo Pool Care is teamed by experienced pool technicians and plumbers to enable us to service Perth’s western, northern and eastern suburbs. In addition to regularly servicing your pool, we can supply equipment, install it and trouble-shoot problems plus our registered gas fitters can advise on gas heating requirements and maintain your equipment. For further information contact our friendly team. If you would like further information on the maintenance services offered by our friendly team, please peruse our website or get in touch with us.

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